Healthy people in a clean environment

Aquasystems healthy people


ASI’s main target is to create a better world, a world with cleaner water! But our mission doesn’t stop there. In our company we try to recycle our waste as good as possible. Obviously, the largest part of our waste is collected in the proper way, but there is always room for improvement. We are currently optimizing our waste collection system, to reduce the amount of residual waste to a minimum.

Working in a clean setting is great, but what is a clean company without healthy people? Nowadays it’s not that easy to keep employees fit. A large group of the staff members at ASI spend 8 hours a day sitting at their desk with little or no exercise.
To compensate for this sedentary lifestyle, ASI offers its employees the possibility to have a weekly workout in the gym or to go for a swim. This is a quite recent initiative, but a great success, as most of the members of our dynamic team grasp this opportunity with both hands.

Next to the sport at work” initiative, we still also have the fruit at work. The concept is very simple; there is a wide range of fresh fruit always available in our lunchroom, which results in some small healthy breaks, instead of eating cookies at your desk.

Let’s close this newsletter with an open question: “When was the last time you had a healthy snack or a 30-minute workout?”

I hope that I inspire all of you to join this healthier way of living.

HSEQ at Aquasystems International nv

Aquaturbo Achilles safety


Health Safety Environment Quality

It is the essential objective of Aquasystems International NV to issue and to promote a Health, Safety and Welfare, Environment and Quality policy.

Our company attempts to identify the existence of any hazards to the Health, Safety and Welfare of its Employees and similarly to persons not in the employ of Aquasystems International NV in so far as such persons come into contact with our Company directly or indirectly through its products and services.

Aquaturbo Achilles2019

At Aquasystems International N.V., HSEQ is monitored both internal, by the Internal Department for Prevention and Protection at work, as well as external, in coordination with the External Department for Prevention and Protection at work, MENSURA.

Each year Aquasystems International NV is being audited by ACHILLES (suppliers audit) during which every section ‘Health’, ‘Safety’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Quality’ is being thoroughly checked.

Being awarded with this Audit Certificate is of the highest importance to Aquasystems International NV, given it also enables us to continue our deliveries to our UK customers.


So far, Aquasystems International NV has successfully passed all audits.



Training Technicians

Aquasystems nws tecnicians

On June 11, 2019 we gave our first training for technicians from a distributor.

The technicians first received a short general and theoretical training about our products. Then we discussed the installation of our floating surface aerator AER-AS.
The various installation options, including mooring cables, guiding tubes and hinged arms, were explained in detail.

Important points of attention were mentioned for each of these installation methods, which aim at a smooth and correct installation. Moreover, we also provided explanations about the different options of the AER-AS, including when to use which option.

In the afternoon there was also a practical part where our technicians demonstrated the assembly and disassembly of an AER-AS.
The aerators were also placed in our test basin, electrically connected and started up.

The AER-SB submersible aerator was also dismantled, reassembled and finally placed in the basin for testing.

After the training, we were able to issue our first certificates.

For the future, we intend to offer this training to our partners, so that they can guarantee a good and smooth assembly to their end customers.